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The Container Yard: Curating Innovation Through Disruption [INC.]

By setting out to change the way people approach business, develop products and showcase art, Ash Chan has indirectly developed the most beautiful innovation lab in the world.

The Container Yard is unlike any other creative space in the world. Its first impression is one of awe, followed swiftly by curiosity. Both these emotions are by design, and its founder, Ash Chan, adeptly created an urban swath of pavement and industrialized art compound that leaves its onlookers needing to know more.

Chan has made his intentions with The Container Yard clear: to contribute to the local economy by collaborating with the greatest creative minds possible. In a neighborhood where gentrification is just around the corner, his dedication to keeping the space as natural and true-to-its-roots as possible is not only admirable, but certainly a unique approach.

The Container Yard, which will soon feature dining, shopping, and gallery spaces, has over 15,000 square feet in event space, will stay committed to its mission by inviting artists and innovators to speak at events and collaborate on large-scale projects. Although the space will feature local events, the intention is to have a global impact.

“The phrase ‘Think global, act local,’ always comes back to toy with us. There is actually a lot of truth to this, in that pursuing innovation of any sort transcends all boundaries of geography, race, and technology,” says Chan. “We do our best to pay homage to previous generations while looking forward to creating things that may have seemed impossible in the past.”

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