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SKYPAGE is a Bay Area native with an uncanny ability to create letters. Now residing in Los Angeles, SKYPAGE uses his various skills to bring his art to the masses. His work has been featured in the pages of Arkitip, Mass Appeal, Big Time and Transworld. He has designed logos and artwork for Stussy, Nike, PROS N’ CONS, Brooklyn Basements, and many others. I’ve had the honor to spend some time with SKYPAGE recently and all I have to say that he is very inspiring.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Probably wanted to be tether ball champ. Back when all you had was BMX, gleeking, trading cards, cursing and tether ball. Never ran no biker shorts though, we were little then but you still had to find different ways to be fresh. Couldn’t be no geek man, had to earn your keep.

Have you ever questioned whether or not you should be an artist?

Not much, the need to produce things came naturally, no questions asked. A lot of it seems like it’s more about problem solving anyway, like how to make stuff happen, with which materials, and what steps will it take to get there. Assembling alternative solutions for getting things done.

How do you define success?
Success is what you make it I guess. It’s like landing a trick, you set it up you knock it down, in some situations it means being able to do whatever it is that you do, your way and without much compromise. But with success comes responsibility. Blowing it if you let it go to your head.

What is going on with Skypage in 2009?
Kind of psyched man, been painting more public spaces, doing artist collabos with Left Field and Heel Bruise in the first quarter. Got a few new tees on the way too, more Skypage objects, the Skypage Mixtape volume 2 is on it’s way. Working on more text heavy art, type stuff, behind the scenes branding and book making. Right now I got this zine I’m creating for a show in March with my buddy Thomas and perennial art maker Lance Mountain.

What do you think of robots?
Robot’s are cool man. I liked Kubrick’s 2001 and the idea of robots malfunctioning. The Enforcement Droid in Paul Verhoven’s Robocop was especially crucial. Human cyborgs from the future, sent to destroy people in the present, all that stuff is pretty legit.

Favorite color?
That universal buff color usually looks good on everything.

Where do you find inspiration?

Movies, move making, cool old stuff from other eras, human interaction, sunlight you know, being outdoors, catching momentum, people who make a positive impact on others, social change, spare change, breaking waves, breaking stereotypes, 2010, I want to be there.

Describe your creative process
Most of my concepts start small. With paint on walls, I don’t use much of the new brands, I like cheap paint and rusto colors, maybe use an old krylon as an accent color and some house paint. I try to keep myself in the mode of drawing, whether it be a lot or a little.

Favorite beverage?
Served best when cold and right after a long day.

Last place someone might find you?

Probably street-pasting or lining up for limiteds.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Nothing never came to a sleeper but a dream.

Thank you for your time SKYPAGE and we look forward to the Left Field Project x SKYPAGE collabo tee! *coming soon*