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Interview: Levi Maestro – Maestro Knows

Interview: Levi Maestro – Maestro Knows

LFP has been keeping a watchful eye on Levi Maestro and with the 4th installment of Maestro Knows already airing we thought we better chase him down and catch up with him while we can… Maestro happens to be one of the most passionate and absolutely unique individuals in this project. He is humble, focused and most importantly ambitious.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, let me start by asking: Who is Levi Maestro?
I’m me. Nothing hidden, I’m a creator.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
[laughing] I think a car salesman.

Please tell us a little bit about Maestro Knows…
Maestro Knows is great because it’s my voice, it’s my story, it’s my life, all packaged together in a short story form that’s entertaining and will have something for everybody.

How has your passion for documenting evolved over the years?
I did begin by filming skateboarding. I made the move to Los Angeles to progress and intern for a director, eventually I imagined myself directing commercials and some music videos. But now I’m just making content and letting it take me places I didn’t even realize I’d be able to go. That is the biggest blessing so far.

If you could meet or interview anyone who would it be?
Al Green. He’s amazing, he has an amazing talent, he has lived his life as a journey and he now lives his life with a purpose.

In one word, how would describe the last 2 years?

I notice a lot of In-N-Out on Maestro Knows, their food is incredible and I hate myself for moving away from such deliciousness, what do you order?
Double double with no onions, half vanilla half chocolate shake, and sometimes animal style fries.
It’s crazy to me that most people don’t know you can get fries “animal style”. They are SO good!

Let me ask you this, what was the last trick you threw down on your skateboard:
Switch 360 flip, or unless falling down is a trick, if it is then falling down was the last one.

What kind of set up do you ride?
I like Girl/Chocolate boards, Venture trucks, Black Panther bearings, I don’t really care what kind of wheels as long as they’re skinny. Oh and I like gripping over my bolts!

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
My mother telling me to speak things into existence. It works! Best advice ever!

Let’s say that you are flying from LA to Moscow and someone asks you why they should watch an episode of Maestro Knows, what do you say?
Because it’s dope! That would be my real answer but I mean you should watch it only if you want to. I you want to see something unlike everything else that’s out amongst all this internet content, then you can watch my show.

Finally, in the last 2 weeks I’ve heard SO much about the incredible Korean Kogi Taco Truck roaming around LA… Then on one of your last episodes I saw you and Estevan Oriol enjoying them in downtown. How was it? Is it incredible?
Yea it’s really good, that was my second time having it. It smells really good and tastes really good so it gets two thumbs up from Maestro.

Levi Maestro – Maestro Knows

web: www.maestroknows.com
twitter: @maestroknows