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Left Field Project


How does someone become a world-renowned architect, a Grammy-winning producer or an Oscar-winning cinematographer? With a series of interviews, Left Field Project captures what drives the world’s most progressive designers, artists and creators. Left Field Project began as an inside look into the mechanics of inspiration, searching for what drives an individual to create. The end result was something far more fascinating.

About Left Field Project's Duane Fernandez.


When did Left Field Project begin?
I came up with the idea in 2001 and started doing interviews in 2004.

How many interviews are there?
I have done over 400 interviews.

How do you determine who you interview?
In 2001, I created a list of people I admired and inspired me. Almost all of them were creative professionals or artists with unique backgrounds. Over the first few years I worked strictly off of this list, diligently researching and find ways to connect with these individuals. Through this process I learned there were hundreds of creative careers I knew nothing about. So I spent the next few years studying. It was absolutely amazing, I discovered so many new things: careers, people and places.

That’s been the nature of this project- constant evolution. As my own awareness grows, so does the list. I’m always on the lookout for good people doing great things.

Where did the name “Left Field Project” come from?
When I started doing interviews in 2004 I didn’t have a name. During an interview with Tommy Guerrero, I asked him if he had any advice for those trying to emerge in his field. He replied “The left field? Let it grow, trim when necessary.” I knew immediately it was the perfect name for my journey.

How long has the website been up?
In 2004 I wanted to learn how to make my own website, so I taught myself Microsoft FrontPage and put together a simple site. Over the years there have been several designs.
During the summer of 2013 I decided to update the design and share more content. For the first time, I’ve been sharing large portions of the interviews on a regular basis. We’re adding new pages like Resources, and we’ll be launching our Youtube Channel soon.

Where are you located?
Los Angeles, CA.

Why did you start Left Field Project?
The short version of a long story: It started out of necessity. In the first few months of interviewing people, my life changed drastically and I wanted to figure out the best way to share these stories that were having such an impact on my life.

What other projects are in the works?
I’m working on developing the series into a book. This has been the hardest part of this project to date. It’s extremely important to me that the book is an accurate and authentic representation of this story. It must be beautiful and it must be informative. I’m not going to rush the process just to create a product. I’m currently working with some of the greatest graphic designers on the planet to design key pieces of the book, including four variations of the book cover.

Are you shooting all the portraits?
Yes. Over the years I have traveled around the planet shooting portraits and doing interviews.

Favorite candy?
Red Vines.

Favorite color?

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