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The LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle is a brilliant collaboration of London-based Buster + Punch with Mutt Motorcycles. The four-stroke 125cc Mutt Motorcycle was inspired by London’s fashion, music and famed biker sub cultures.

At its base it’s a four-stroke 125cc Mutt Motorcycle with a custom finish by the Buster + Punch crew both in paint and various metal bits. The bike, which has been limited to a 50 unit run is retailing for £4500 ($6,402 USD). Buster + Punch have a design ethos that pulls from the heart of London’s music and fashion subcultures, and I personally can’t fault anyone for wearing their influences on their sleeves. The LDN Born Motorcycle has certain air to it, one that reflects the country that gave us Punk and New Wave.

It features custom upholstered seats, Twinduro tires and a tinted yellow headlight with a grill, an homage to the classic cafe racers. Available in a limited run of only 50 bikes.

Founder of the Buster + Punch, Massimo Minale says, “For a long time we’ve wanted to build a custom motorcycle for the every man. This 125cc LDN Born Mutt Motorcycle lets you feel like a rock star, during your daily commute and all for only £4,500”


Weight (Dry) 105kg
Seat Height 780mm
Engine Single 4-stroke
Displacement 125cc
Max Power 12hp
Max torque 10Nm
Transmission 5 speed manual
Top Speed 70mph
Fuel tank 12L
Special Features:
18″ wheels
Twinduro Tyres
Cross Braced black bars
White grips
Custom upholstered seat
Modified rear frame

Delivery: Each bike is built to order and will take between 6-8 weeks to build. Shipping costs will be extra and arranged directly with Mutt motorcycles.

More info: www.busterandpunch.com