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Toyota LC200 land cruiser

LC 200 to Appear at Toyota’s 2015 SEMA Display

Australian Land Cruiser Serves as Torch Bearer for Grueling Ever-Better Expedition

It’s my goal to one day be part of the Ever-Better Expedition, until then I look forward to checking out the LC 200 at SEMA. And hopefully sitting in it, and smelling it, and just spending some QT with it. Thank you.

The Toyota LC 200 that is currently serving as the torch bearer in Toyota’s grueling Ever-Better Expedition will be showcased at Toyota’s 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show booth.

Toyota LC200 land cruiser
Toyota LC200 land cruiser
Toyota LC200 land cruiser
The Ever-Better Expedition is a “global test drive” spanning five continents in which Toyota engineers drive production vehicles through the most demanding terrain on the planet, all in an effort to build “ever better” vehicles.

The expedition began last year in Australia, when 50 Toyota engineers drove 15 Toyota models nearly 12,500 miles. The LC 200 is the Australian version of the mighty Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota’s longest-running series and a vehicle known around the world for its off-road prowess.

The North American leg of the expedition, which began this summer, is even more demanding than the Australian segment. The 110-day, 16,000-mile leg will stretch from the heat of Death Valley to the icy winter roads of Alaska, and from the congested streets of Manhattan to the soaring heights of Pikes Peak.

The LC 200 on display at SEMA is the global torchbearer for the entire Ever-Better Expedition.

The LC 200 can be seen November 3-6, 2015, in the Toyota display booth (#24700) located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Ever-Better Expedition

The Ever-Better Expedition is the North American leg of Toyota’s Five Continents Driving Project, a global initiative designed to support and unite Toyota’s 330,000 worldwide team members in their mission to deliver ever-better vehicles. It allows Toyota engineers and other team members to connect directly with customers; experience the products we design, engineer, manufacture and sell; and gather new ideas to inspire future innovations.

The first leg of the tour took place in Australia, where for 72 days and more than 12,500 miles, 50 engineers drove vehicles cross-country, taking on the diverse and rugged terrain of the outback. The result was a deeper insight and understanding of our products.

The second leg, consisting of 110 days and 18,000 miles, has been taking place in North America and is split into summer and winter expeditions. The team has already tackled some of the continent’s most challenging driving environments throughout the summer, but is now about to take on the icy roads of an Alaskan and Canadian winter. Along the way, the Expedition will continue to visit Toyota manufacturing and research facilities, and enjoy catching up with our customers along the way.

The Ever-Better Expedition embodies Toyota’s passion for continuous improvement and sharing ideas to create vehicles that excite our customers and exceed their expectations.

The Team:
The Ever-Better Expedition has brought together 140 Toyota engineers, designers and other team members from around the globe. They’ve been sharing experiences, meeting the people who drive Toyota vehicles on a daily basis, and tackling some of the most challenging driving conditions in North America. Keep checking back to follow their stories in the video section.