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Amanda de Cadenet, Producer

Amanda de Cadenet Interview

Amanda de Cadenet is a renowned fashion and portrait photographer, television producer and host, as well as an inspiration to women across the globe. Her television show, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, featured some of the most groundbreaking interviews with women in 2012, including Arianna Huffington, Olivia Wilde and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. You can see any episodes you may have missed online.

I LOVE your Leica camera. What is a memorable photograph you have made with this camera? 
I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years, and my first camera was a Leica M6- growing up my dad collected vintage Leicas so I knew they were the best lenses. I bought my M6 from a photographer friend called Mario Sorrenti, it had a light leak so I had to tape it closed! I have taken so many memorable images with my Leica, I just couldn’t single one out.

Tell me about your necklace, what makes it so special to you?
It came from my friend Jennifer Meyer who is an amazing jewlery designer. It’s rare I find a contemporary piece that is unique, but I love this. Turquoise is classic as is the heart shape, and it works with everything and makes me happy when I look at it!

While I was photographing The Feminine Mistake you mentioned it changed your life. How so?
This book woke me up. It put into words what I had always known but not been able to articulate so clearly, which is that women must have their own life and income for our sense of safety, balance and to be able to make choices that come from truth and not fear. Once I read this book I set about focusing on my career in a whole new and dedicated way;The Conversation was born from reading this book.

Amanda de Cadenet interview - Diane Arbus

What does Diane Arbus mean to you?
Everything! The first paycheck I earned I bought a print of hers and I was obsessed with her for many years. Milla Jovovich said in an interview she had read the Diane Arbus biography by Patricia Highsmith and it sounded so great- I bought it and was hooked. I took many lessons Diane learned and applied them to my interaction with my subjects.

Amanda de Cadenet interview - Contax 35mm Film Camera

Amanda de Cadenet interview

Amanda de Cadenet interview

Your red Marc Jacobs boots are incredible- where is the most interesting place these boots have been?
Well, that would be telling tales out of school!

Amanda de Cadenet interview - Portrait of Ella by Gretchen Ryan

Who painted the portrait of Ella?
Gretchen Ryan. She’s a wonderful artist and friend of mine. Check out her site, she blows me away.

Amanda de Cadenet interview

Amanda de Cadenet interview

Amanda de Cadenet interview

You chose this caftan as your favorite article of clothing- who is it by?
Odd Molly- it’s the coziest poncho ever. I’ve worn it for years and years!

Amanda de Cadenet Links

twitter: @amandadecadenet
instagram: @amandadecadenet
The Conversation: www.theconversation.tv
Site: www.amandadecadenet.com

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