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Beth Behrs, Actor

Of course we all love 2 Broke Girls – our beloved Molls is a star staff writer. But even if we didn’t have that connection to the show, Beth Behrs’ endearing portrayal of a super-rich-girl-turned-normal-working-human is so endearing and spot on, we’d still be glued to the television every Monday night.

Beth is equally as endearing in real life, and was so kind to share her favorite things with HelloGiggles. She is such a genuine and kind person, and all the things she shared with us were so special. From doing important volunteer work with the Children of the Night organization to her passion for musicals, Beth is such an amazing person to be around, and an even better role model for girls everywhere.

Inventory is a project designed to feature creative and inspiring people who have an interesting story to tell. This series gives the readers an inside and intimate look at the lives of the subjects, through everyday objects that hold importance and have meaning.

This is a picture of her gorgeous grandmother, who inspired her to pursue her dreams of singing and acting. When Beth was a child she would give her “grace lessons” so she would be prepared when she won her first major award. She was the baton twirler for a marching band.

Of course it was appropriate that her nail game was on point.

While she attended UCLA Beth volunteered with the Children of the Night organization, something which is very near and dear to her. She cherishes this poetry book written by the kids she worked with through the organization.

Her vinyl collection consists of mostly broadway musicals, but this Janis Joplin album is on heavy rotation.

Beth says her freshman year of high school at E.C. Glass in Lynchburg, VA was the best year of her life. This album was made by Abby Baum when Beth moved away.

This copy of A Moveable Feast was purchased during her first trip to Paris (with Kat!) at the famed Shakespeare & Company bookstore.

This decorated cap from her college graduation is a reminder of the great times she shared with her college BFF. “B-$ Here Comes The Funny” was a rap about her!

This music box that plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was a gift from Michael Patrick King when the show first began.