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Federal Moto: Yamaha 1978 SR500

The Yamaha 1978 SR500 single-cylinder is a well designed motorbike with elegant clean lines. The two-seater presents a cafe-racer aesthetic with with its straight tank, seat line, sturdy chassis and graceful curves. Chicago-based Powder Monkees (now Federal Moto) took this primed canvas and created an absolute masterpiece. This bike is one of my favorite rebuilds, ever. They stripped the SR500 down to its core essentials and added a forest green, yellow, white and black paint job, fresh leather seat, a smaller gas tank, a 1970′s set of headlights and mono-shock suspension.

“When one of Federal’s own made the move South to Florida, the opportunity arose to build a custom beach tracker – which obviously got us very excited. Being in the South-Eastern US, this seemed like the perfect first build for Michael Muller as he kicked off Federal Moto Chicago (Previously Powder Monkees). Mike was the perfect fit for this: he’s fast, efficient, and has a deep respect for motorcycles and the detailed work that goes into customizing them.

We really wanted to create something small, simple and fun with this bike. With a fresh, light color palette, minimalist parts choices, and some wild tires, this thing is the perfect combination of downtown daily rider and weekend beach cruiser. A sunshine state of mind.”

More info: www.federalmoto.com/sunshine-state-of-mind
Photos by: Daniel Peter