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devNgosha Interview – Artist Series [video]

devNgosha Interview

DEVNGOSHA is a fine art collaborative based in Los Angeles, founded in  2012 by American artists Devin Liston and Gosha Levochkin. 

DEVNGOSHA create mixed media works on canvas. Complex, multicoloured oils and acrylics, pencils and spray paint. Figures drift across the canvas, interacting with text and landscape to create mysterious compositions that allude to pop culture, social commentary and emotional inquiry.

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devNgosha website: www.devngosha.com
devNgosha instagram: instagram.com/devngosha
devNgosha twitter: twitter.com/devngosha

The life and death of movements, cultures and civilizations which have brought humanity to the now, can help us examine what and who we are, as well as what we may become. Whether tragic, comical, violent, or peaceful, movements just are, were, or are yet to be. Our current works, ‘The Rise of the Fruity Pebbles’, attempt to create our interpretation of the way the world is moving, without making literal statements, but by creating enigmatic, visual representations of events which are to be subjected to the lens of the audience. We are putting paint to canvas, with the intention of re-presenting how we see global movements, and how they impact upon us psychologically and spiritually.

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