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DABSMYLA x Modernica Fiberglass Side Shell Chair

Our DABSMYLA x Modernica Fiberglass Side Shell “Cat Head Blue” and “Cat Head Pink” Chairs have finally arrived. Oh what a wonderful day in our studio! We were patiently awaiting the release of the DABSMYLA x Modernica collaboration, when they finally revealed the line we put our order in. I particularly loved the Cat Head series, you can either get the Cat Head with blue eyes, or with pink eyes. We went with a combo of both. What I love about the Modernica collaborations is you can tell each piece is handmade, and is a piece of art. No two chairs are alike. In each chair, you can see where people where involved with the process. As for the design itself, I love the Cat Head, it’s one of my favorite iconic DABMYLA characters, it pings me with a certain level of nostalgia that makes me smile. The light brown background and matte finish was the perfect choice along with the beautiful Case Study Walnut Dowel Base with Black Wire to bring it all together. Well done, everyone!


The art duo known as DABSMYLA are known for their exceptional color choices, clean lines and their use of typography which is integrated thoughtfully throughout their work. They collaborate with each other on every project they undertake, from fine art to street art.

You can read my interview with DABSMYLA here: DABSMYLA INTERVIEW

The Case Study Fiberglass Dowell Chair

The Case Study Fiberglass Dowel Chair is a classic icon and is easily one of the most important and recognizable designs of the twentieth century. The Fiberglass Shell Chairs were originally designed in 1948, as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition. At the time, no one could possibly have anticipated the massive success and longevity of this iconoclastic design.

In the early fifties, fiberglass was considered an ultra-high tech material. Produced with a mixture of resin and glass fibers, it was lightweight, yet heavy-duty. Initial development and production was through Zenith Plastics—early pioneers of developing fiberglass for household and military applications. As for the chair bases, they were cleverly designed to provide a number of leg options that would be interchangeable within and between the arm shell and the side shell.

The shell chairs were first available in the spring of 1950. The first runs of the chairs were produced in only three colors; griege, elephant-hide gray, and parchment—all of which had interesting translucent qualities. The chairs were distributed until 1983.

In 2000, Modernica revived this potentially lost art of high-pressure, molded fiberglass. Modernica creates each shell, by hand, one-by-one, in our Los Angeles factory—just as they had been designed, developed, and produced in Southern California in the 1950s. Modernica uses all of the original presses and specialized equipment obtained from Century Plastics. To ensure authenticity of production, the initial shell chair production was overseen by Sol Fingerhut and Irv Green, the same team employed over sixty years ago to develop the original technology.

Modernica creates each chair with the charge of adhering to the original tactile qualities, texture, and characteristics that alone are unique to the fiberglass shell chair.

Their historic equipment has created thousands of chairs for three generations of chair lovers — and everyday Modernica continues to produce beautiful chairs for upcoming generations. Choose from a wide range of shell colors and chair base options. Modernica offers the flexibility to build a chair to suit your individual style and needs.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

See the whole DABSMYLA x Modernica line here: modernica.net/dabsmyla

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