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Andy Gilmore, Graphic Artist

Andy Gilmore’s work is visually powerful, hypnotic and extremely calculated. The musicality of his work is more than a coincidence, Gilmore is also a musician. Deeply interested in the physics of sound and acoustics, his work reflects just that. In these pieces, Gilmore explores the physical properties of tone, the resonance of a single string creating a range of vibrations and sound waves, both audible and inaudible, and mirrors that relationship visually, producing complex images with overtones swimming through undertones, melodies dancing with accompaniment.
Composed primarily of bold and bright colors on black backgrounds, Gilmore’s hypnotic forms seem to hover like spacecrafts, out-of-this-world figures of elaborate and sophisticated design. More than a participant in the rising trend of digital art, Andy Gilmore is an innovator, dreaming up works that, without computers, could not exist.

Andy Gilmore currently lives and works in Rochester, New York. Gilmore’s extensive list of clients include Apple, Atomic, Audi, Ghostly International, Facebook, Fast Co, Google, IBM, NYTimes, New Scientist, Nike, Nonesuch, Phillips, Reebok, Tatler, Wallpaper Magazine, Warby Parker, Wallpaper, Warp Records, Wired, to name a few.

Andy Gilmore: